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Store loyalty and bank cards in one app

Carry all cards digitally and manage them from one place. Take a picture of both sides of a card and it will appear on Swoo
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Go contactless and cardless with Swoo Pay

Tokenize any Mastercard card from the supported banks and Tap to Pay with your NFC-enabled phone all around the world

All things secured

Your data is encrypted, only stored on your device, and never shared by Swoo. The app is certified for compliance with the latest international security standards by PCI DSS and Mastercard for exchanges of payment data

The availability and features of the app might differ from country to country

Kindly check with the app store to see what's available in your region

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How is the app useful?

Smooth your shopping experience with Swoo! You can keep loyalty cards handy to always get discounts and share cards with friends. And also, safely store your bank card details for convenient e-shopping and transfers. Or even more: use Swoo Pay for contactless payments.

Is the app free?

Yep! Swoo is free for everyone, so you can download it from any mobile app store and finally let the magic of Swoo into your daily shopping.

What cards can I store in Swoo?

To tell the truth — any. It is magically simple to store not only loyalty cards but also bank card details, receipts, business cards, or anything you want to keep handy and secure. All you need is to go to the Main tab, tap the plus button and choose the right section. Then capture what you want to add or upload an already existing photo of it. Enjoy!

I wish my friend used my loyalty card in Swoo. What could I do?

There is such a great option of sharing cards in the app. First, tap the share icon in the upper right corner of the selected card. Second, choose to whom you wish to send the card. All done! It’s the easiest way to let your friend experience the magic of Swoo.

How secure is the app?

Totally. The personal information and all financial details are safe because we genuinely care about security and privacy. Swoo is certified by PCI DSS and Mastercard for secure exchanges of payment data. We also have code protection, identity verification and other means to ensure the safety of your wallet. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy.


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